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Mackenzie Lee

"What you see is what you get!"

I’m not much of a talker but I love to sing. My motto in life is people don’t pay to hear me talk they want to hear me sing and play my music.

My main instrument I play is the acoustic guitar. My Maton is absolutely my best friend, but I also enjoy playing the electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, piano and drums. When I complete my schooling I hope to perfect them all.

Being a singer/songwriter I love 

writing my own songs, creating something from nothing is very rewarding. I feel I will always continue in this field and continually strive to captivate my audience.

I love to entertain, and I pride myself in being able to perform for all ages and a variety of different music genre styles. Some say I was born in the wrong era because of my love of the older traditional style country but honestly you can’t beat a classic.

I studied singing with Kirsty Lee Akers for two years before performing  in Kirsty Lee Akers Road to Nashville show at the age of thirteen, it was an experience I will never forget.

I have entered talent competitions in Tamworth, Newcastle, Gloucester

Campbelltown and Ardlethan, I won some and lost some but came away happy with every performance I gave.

I also performed in the Golden Octopus Emerging Artist and TSA spots in Tamworth at the Country Music Festival in 2020. Each experience I have used as a stepping stone for my career.

The most memorable times in my short career so far are recording my Debut EP and my latest self titled Ep with Bill chambers in his studio Chambers Avenue  and on this last project also working with Nash Chambers from Troubadour House Production Studio in Nashville Tennessee. The knowledge passed on to me by Bill will definitely stay with me throughout my career.

I look forward to the end of Covid restrictions to be able to get out and perform, continuing my music journey and making my place in the country music world.



Abermain, NSW Australia


Country, Singer-Songwriter

Years Active:

2016- Present


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